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Your path to well-being

Inner Balance offers an integrative approach to health and well-being compatible with mainstream medicine. Individuals can explore mind-body therapies to balance the human energy field and awaken the self-healing powers inherent within. Whether you are experiencing major illness, coping with life changing events, or have embarked on the path of self-discovery, Kathy will guide you in attaining a deeper connection to your innermost Self.

Meditative Movement for Life

the practice of qigong for health & well-being

My Services

Integrative Therapies

Kathy offers guidance to help you uncover your core issues. Using an integrative approach, whether it's balancing the human energy field, accessing the subconscious mind to modify behavioral patterns, or engaging in the meditative movement of yoga or qigong, Kathy will help you find the necessary peace and clarity to navigate the major transitions in your life.

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Energy Healing Therapies

Balance the Human Energy Field

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Change Limiting Belief Systems



Yoga & Qigong

Meditative Movement for Life


For more information about Inner Balance and to book your session, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Learn how integrative therapies can complement traditional Western medicine.

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