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After recovering from two breast surgeries, radiation and therapy for lymphedema I found myself at what seemed to be the end of the line with traditional medicine. Unfortunately my body was not at the recovery level where it should have been after strictly following protocol. A friend recommended I see Kathy and so I decided what the heck, I had nothing to lose, why not give it a shot….I went into my first session with Kathy expecting nothing, I had no preconceived ideas or expectations, I was just going to go with the flow…Well I am here to tell you I was blown away and 8 months later I continue to see her. 

It is amazing what our bodies can endure from whatever trauma comes our way. And it is amazing the resilience we have both physically and mentally to endure these traumas. But we pay a price physically and emotionally and don’t even realize it or at least I didn’t. Before I go further I want you to know I am one of the most conservative people you will ever meet regarding my health and what I allow to be done to my body. And physical therapy was the only kind of therapy I had ever experienced prior to seeing Kathy. I was a true novice to the concept of Healing Energy Therapies or anything outside of Western medicine. After my experience with Kathy I am a true believer in the HUGE benefits of Healing Energy Therapy be it in conjunction with traditional medicine after a situation like mine OR just because you want to heal from stuff that life sends all of us.

Kathy’s abilities to clear my energy and to help me heal in ways I had never experienced truly amazed me. I strongly believe those who are dealing with any sort of trauma or illness or just the stuff that life throws at us can benefit tremendously from Healing Energy Therapy with Kathy.  I have chosen to continue this journey with Kathy as I am so curious to find out what is next….Once you spend time with Kathy and see the results you will wonder how you ever managed without her.

I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I have.

J.B., Vero Beach, FL

"Kathy’s healing work has been an immense help to me since 2011 when my husband passed away and more recently during my mother’s passing.  In addition, Kathy has helped me to prepare and recover from various medical procedures that I myself have had.  Over the years, Kathy has worked on me directly using her healing touch techniques and since her relocation to Southern California, Kathy has seamlessly continued this work using her many distance-healing techniques via the Internet. I cannot recommend Kathy and her work, highly enough.  She is impeccably professional, compassionate and sincere.  I have gifted multiple distance-healing sessions to many my family members and friends over the years.  Kathy enthusiastically embraces worldwide time-zones to accommodate her virtual healing sessions.  I also travel extensively myself and routinely schedule healing sessions with Kathy wherever I am in the world.  Whether my healing sessions are in person or via the Internet, I always receive the full benefits from each session."

E.M., Redwood City, CA and Ireland

Kathy is phenomenal! She has been instrumental in helping me develop who I am on my life path. She is kind, gentle, loving and patient. She has helped me through several tumultuous events in my life, and I can't thank her enough." 

N.H., Symantec, Mountain View, CA

"There is nothing better to soothe the soul than Kathy's restorative yoga class. With my hectic lifestyle in the Bay Area, I have the chance to sink down into each of the four or five supported poses, cover up with a blanket and let myself disappear into the soft sounds of the music.  Ah, what a way to find a sense of peace and serenity."

S.Y., Software Engineer, Bay Area

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