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Yummy Almond Milk

Welcome to Inner Balance. Here is our first video on Yummy Almond Milk. It's one of the easiest and most delicious recipes to make in the Vitamix blender. I make it several times a week. Feel free to try different spices, sweeteners, extracts or nutritional supplements.

Yummy Almond Milk

1 cup soaked almonds

3-4 cups water (adjust for milk consistency)

2-3 raw dates

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

dash of cinnamon or nutmeg or both

Blend for 60 seconds in Vitamix and strain through the nylon mesh nut bag. Use in shakes, smoothies, cereal, coffee or drink alone (don't forget the cookies!)

Below is the link for the Vitamix blender. I bought the A3500 Ascent Series which has a variety of settings. Compare the prices and features of the different Vitamix blenders that are available. I use the blender for smoothies, soups and nut butters. Be sure to try the fresh almond milk as a base for your smoothies in the morning!

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Ellie's Best has the perfect nylon mesh nut bag. They also offer family grown raw sweet almonds grown in the Sierra Mountain Range in California.

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Easy to follow instructions— always a good thing. Bought the starter kit and I’m ready to solo!

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